Friday, 28 November 2014

Commander Sophie having fun in prison

It was the year 2103. After the google coup in 2020 the “sane people” established a dictatorship. Anyone who was caught practising BDSM or even sex, was put into prison. The prisons were gigantic and they were many.
I was officially an inmate and I had a little cell where I pretended to live if there was an inspection. But unofficially, I was Commander Sophie and I had taken over the old basketball court. A part of it was a workshop, where the best designers were working for me to keep up with my demand of wardrobe and kinky tools.
I liked keeping muscular women. They were wearing jump boots, latex hot pants and nothing on their upper body except a camouflage net. Two female guards brought in an old man and threw him on the floor. “That's enough”, I said. They were trained to go back to their positions besides the door, squatting while having their legs spread apart. The old man was coughing. “Shut up!”, I said. He pressed his lips together, swallowing the cough, his body in spasms. “Stand up!”, I shouted. His body was like a melted wax figure. I lifted up some skin folds and run my leather gloved finger underneath them. That amused me. He was trembling. His eyes looking up to me. I was much taller than him and had heels on as well. My mini skirt was one of those advanced materials, that changed gradually from leather to rubber. My corset was made of soft mirror expet. My arms were in military sleeves and my cap was a black shiny one with the insignia of our army on it.
Despite of his age, no one had ever touched his cock. The “sane people” drugged the air with pain killers and something, that would repress your libido. And we had to go outside every morning for counting. If you didn't show up, they would find you due to your sensor. I lifted his cock with my cane. He was in shock. “What have I done? Are you some kind of Mafia?”, he whined. I started walking while speaking: “We are a secret army called the “The Bliss”. We kidnap people and force you to have sex and BDSM. We want to save you.”

“I neither know what BDSM means nor sex.”, he said anxiously. My loud laughter filled the space. My single tail snatched on his thigh. It left a beautiful red stream. “I have never felt this sensation before.”, he whispered looking down to his erect cock. “That's because we generate our own oxygen in this prison. You are free of drugs. Over the next days, I am going to do a number of things to you. First, I am going to baptise you.” I made him lie down and poured water over his nose and mouth. I stopped when his chest contracted. He gasped: “Where am I? I thought I would die.” “Uh-huh, that's exactly where I wanted you to be. Between life and death, so we can start anew. Your life will make sense now. You will experience pleasure in a way, that you never thought was possible.” “Yes, Commander” , he said mesmerized. I put on a strap-on with a decent sized cock. I threw him on a table and ordered the female guards to pin him down. “I am going to take your virginity now”, I said. I fucked him. He was shouting and trying to free himself. “Bitch number 22”, I shouted. A young Indian guy showed up at my feet. “Suck his cock”, I ordered. I was sweating and pushing hard. I announced: “This is called anal orgasm.” He screamed of pleasure when he came. The first orgasm in his life. “Girls”, I said and they let him loose. He sat at my feet, hugging my thighs. He cried tears and said “thank you, Commander, thank you...” I kicked him away and shouted “Who has allowed you to move?? You will come to your senses after a couple of hours being tied up. Then, we shall continue with some proper cp.” The girls took him to the back, where there was a long row of prisoners tied up in spread eagle position. Some bitches had so suck their cocks and make sure, they were always hard. If there was a danger of someone coming, the girls would come and kick their balls.