Monday, 13 October 2014

A freezer box, two strong beautiful women and a human toy - part 2

You can't see anything but darkness. You feel quite uncomfortable in the small box. You hear rumbling noises. The two women are laughing. Nothing is happening. What a shit situation to be in! Time doesn't seem to pass for you. The straight jacket of time. The car stops. What if they get distracted by some hot guy and forget about their slave in the freezer box? But there you go. You are being lifted up. There is a lot of shaking and you bumped your head. Finally, the lid comes off. Fresh oxygen. It is so bright, that you can't see anything. A blindfold is put on you quickly. There is a strong smell of animals. You are put down on spiky damp straw. Something heavy is put around your neck and wrists. You hear metal chains rattling. The blindfold is ripped off. You can see the muscular calves of mistress in her killer heels. She says in the most normal voice ever: “It is your choice: give me the names of the members and you are free to go. Otherwise I will put the gag on and leave you here for an entire hour.” You put your head down, because you didn't want to be enticed by that beautiful woman. She stuffs your mouth with straw, then tapes it. It tickles your throat and makes you gag. You swallow your vomit. You are blindfolded again. You hear her sadistic laughter, steps, the closing of a lock. And then, only the pig. You shout but hey, you have got a mouthful of straw. You punch but your wrists are chained to your collar and it burns around your neck. You can feel the metal rubbing against your bone, breaking the skin. After a long time, you try to sleep. But one thought keeps spinning in your head. How are they going to torture you. God, they must be capable of a number of things. You are thirsty. You want to be over and done with it. But not waiting around like an idiot. In fact, the pig seems to have a great life compared to yours. If you only could be a pig. What type of problems did you have yesterday compared to today? It seems a lifetime away. And how did you waist your time! You were always so busy with the resistance, that you didn't see further ahead. Now you have time and that's a horrible feeling. Because you can see your life waisted. You hear footsteps. She turns you around with her foot. You are now lying on your back. The next thing you know, you have got a huge plug up your ass. The pain wakes you up. She orders you to stand up. Your back is getting covered in needles. You feel spaced out. And the pain. They are pulling the needles. Wait they can't be pulling them, they must be attached to something. Like strings, they have connected every single needle to rope and attached it somewhere in the room. Now, she puts needles in your balls. But not coming in and out on the surface, stabbing them straight down. You will never have children. But does it matter now? The pain diminished. Now, someone was sucking your cock. Oh so gently and skilfully. But if you get horny, your balls will harden and that will bring back the pain. You tried not to be aroused. You could smell her and now she was running her finger gently over the needles. Oh, how not to get turned on. You had to look and see who was sucking you. But when you move, the needles will hurt. Oh Christ, that wasn't worth it. It was a bold guy, you couldn't see his face, only the black hair on his back. He was wearing the same collar like you. You want to come so badly. But you would move your whole body. And that would cause more pain than you could bear. You would faint. The tied needles would slice your skin while you fall. Mistress says: ”I am going to rescue you.” Blows hit your back, probably a flogger. Oh, so she is rescuing you with a flogger. God, the pain. But it does the job and keeps you from coming. It stops. She says in an angelic voice: ”I am sorry that this is happening to you. I don't want it but you know, that it has to happen.” But her eyes disclosed her. She loved it. “If you give me the names now, you can go home.” You try to say something like “no”. They untie the strings from the needles. And make you lie on your front in the feeding tube. But it smells like shit. Oh, you are lying in pig shit. The are doing something with the needles. And then you feel the tingling sensation. Electrics. The soft voice again: “And what happens if I turn this button full on?” Thousands of needles sting your body. Your whole body is pain. You see flashes of light. You want to scream, but no sound comes out. There is only this intense feeling. There isn't anything else in the world. And then blackness. The space between time, between the worlds. You hear a voice: “What is your name!” a demanding female voice. Name? You ask yourself. I don't know my name. Where am I? What country are we in? “Jorge Villa-Lobos” Her lips part in astonishment. She knows that you have said it. Your real name. She could asked everything. You would have told her. But she didn't want to finish you. Nothing mattered now. Anything was ok. They could do whatever they wanted with you. It was as if this wasn't you.

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