Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A freezer box, two strong beautiful women and a human toy - part one

You are at home. You don't know when we are coming, but we will come within the next 2 days. You make yourself a tea. You hear a rattling noise. Your body is in shock. Was it the turning of a key? You had strict orders not to eat anything but these couple of old toast within the two days. You listen to music, but then you turn it off. You don't want to be taken by surprise, you want to be prepared for when we come. You try to read. A book about accidents and how it is a turn on. Your mind wanders to Sophie's mean smile, to her blond soft hair. You have done everything she ordered: you have shaved your genitals, made an enema, brushed your teeth, cut your hair short, been in chastity for 3 weeks. There was no chastity belt, just whenever you felt like you couldn't hold back, you came to see Sophie for a proper caning. That helped. You walk up and down in your flat. You check again, if you have missed any hair to shave. That would be a catastrophe! You smell your armpits and oh, no! They smell like fear. You can't disappoint mistress so you take a quick shower. You love the hot water running down your body. Uh.. it's so nice. Suddenly you feel a hand around your neck, choking you! You use both of your hands to fight the grip, but she was faster and had put your neck in a lock with both of her arms intertwined. There was no escape from this one. Another hand pulled your balls. Oh god, it was like fireworks after all this time of abstinence. A voice said slowly: “Now you better step out of the shower, bitch.” You figured, that fighting is no use and do as you were told. Sophie throws a towel to you and shouts:”Dry your ugly body!” And when you start doing it, Sophie pulls your hair hard and says slowly:”Now, bitch, you have to do this fast, or you are going to upset me.” Then, the two beautiful women lift you up into the air and towards a big freezer box! You beg: “No, not that. Please! Not in there.” But the only effect it has is that it turns Sophie on. Fearfully you look into her eyes. She tilts her head in mild amusement. You run for it. But you don't get as far as a meter. Damn, she is quick. Sophie locks your arms and carries you while the other woman locks her arms around your feet. You try to kick, but they have got you gripped. You struggle with all your force but you feel the inevitable happening. You are folded into the box. Tears run down your cheeks. The lid closes. Then it starts moving, you are being lift up by those fit and strong women. You hear a door being shut. Then, street sounds. Another door being shut: you must be in a car. The engine starts and you feel it moving, stopping and going. You hear Sophie's voice: “You better check on that piece of meat. We want it fresh.” The lid is being lifted and a gloved hand touches your balls. You get hard instantly. You sigh. You hear the other woman's voice: “Yes, the worm is still alive.”
-to be continued-

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