Friday, 16 May 2014

interview with Commander Sophie by couple's corner

1] What is the worst body hygiene problem you had with someone?
I do a lot of strap-on, and sometimes people don't wipe properly. But then, I am putting my gloved finger up their ass I don't have a problem with that.
2] What misconceptions do people have about scat? People have unprotected sex with someone who never got tested, but they think, from scat they will catch something. I didn't have unprotected sex in my life and my hygiene is on a hospital standard. Whenever I have been for a holiday in India or so, I get tested afterwards.
3] When other women find out what you do are they jealous? Most of them admire me and ask questions. Some feminists think, I am exploited..haha! They must be jealous!
4] What do women come to you for most? The same that men come for.
5] You are known for being into every hardcore fetish except Roman Showers, why no Roman Showers? I tried, but I don't know how to make myself vomit. You are welcome to email me suggestions.
6] What are your favorite sex toys? Strap-on, flogger, my heels
7] What are your favorite sex outfits? I love wearing military uniforms. I just look natural in them.
8] Do you have some men who come on real strong then get scared and want to stop? I had it twice. Both absolute newbies. One was scat and he literally run away. The other one was not responding verbally any more, so I stopped and made him drink a coke.
9] What do couples come to you for most? Female clients are exposed to a more stigma for paying for sexual services, which manifests in them not feeling safe- so they bring their boyfriend. Other couples are together since a long time and want a turn on. Others are in a D/s relationship, so usually the man wants me to dominate his sub (mostly, because he secretly fancies me) while he is watching or dealing with her alone in the dungeon afterwards.

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