Friday, 16 May 2014

interview with Commander Sophie by couple's corner

1] What is the worst body hygiene problem you had with someone?
I do a lot of strap-on, and sometimes people don't wipe properly. But then, I am putting my gloved finger up their ass I don't have a problem with that.
2] What misconceptions do people have about scat? People have unprotected sex with someone who never got tested, but they think, from scat they will catch something. I didn't have unprotected sex in my life and my hygiene is on a hospital standard. Whenever I have been for a holiday in India or so, I get tested afterwards.
3] When other women find out what you do are they jealous? Most of them admire me and ask questions. Some feminists think, I am exploited..haha! They must be jealous!
4] What do women come to you for most? The same that men come for.
5] You are known for being into every hardcore fetish except Roman Showers, why no Roman Showers? I tried, but I don't know how to make myself vomit. You are welcome to email me suggestions.
6] What are your favorite sex toys? Strap-on, flogger, my heels
7] What are your favorite sex outfits? I love wearing military uniforms. I just look natural in them.
8] Do you have some men who come on real strong then get scared and want to stop? I had it twice. Both absolute newbies. One was scat and he literally run away. The other one was not responding verbally any more, so I stopped and made him drink a coke.
9] What do couples come to you for most? Female clients are exposed to a more stigma for paying for sexual services, which manifests in them not feeling safe- so they bring their boyfriend. Other couples are together since a long time and want a turn on. Others are in a D/s relationship, so usually the man wants me to dominate his sub (mostly, because he secretly fancies me) while he is watching or dealing with her alone in the dungeon afterwards.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

shit eating review by slave x

This morning I had the real pleasure of visiting Commander Sophie at her dungeon and it was amazing !! It started well with an easy to find & safe location in a lovely part of London. She was a very beautiful and respectable mistress which was lovely to discover. We chatted briefly about interests and no go areas. My first impressions were, what a stunning lady, tall and respectable, well spoken and beautifully spoken. So the session was mainly about toilet slavery but we tried other things. I shall skip the first fraction of the session and concentrate on toilet play. As soon as she pulled the toilet box out and ordered me to the floor I was in another world, she is a top class mistress and I was fully willing to give this my best. My head was secured in a toilet box & then I looked up and awaited anything that came down; spit, piss or shit. I was ordered to open my mouth and collect her urine, it went up my nose and down my throat and in my face, plus all the surplus was collected as a puddle in the tray of the toilet box that my head was resting in. After that it moved onto scat and carried on until the end of the session that way. As I watched her anus open up for the first time and her scat slowly come out I was mesmerized. The first piece of shit actually missed and landed into the tray my head was resting on, she soon realized and actually wanted it in my mouth immediately. She soon placed the mouth full sized piece of scat in my mouth carefully and pleasurely by the look in her eyes. so for the first time I had her shit in my mouth straight from the source. I was highly aroused as she looked down on me with her scat filling my mouth, I chewed on it slowly as she watched and concentrated on texture and smell. I could make out little pieces, it was smooth and course smelly, I didn't gag at all in fact it was actually an amazing pleasure. Once I ad been trying to eat that piece for long enough, which does take some chewing by the way, more was to come out. I watched again with excitement while making more room for another fresh load to land into my mouth. In the end another two big loads were to come warm and fresh out of her so basically she produces a lot. Plenty for me to ever try and eat it all and easily enough for most I am sure. During all of this she was very arousing & it was a totally comfortable experience with her. I truly felt like we both had an enjoyable time and I feel she is a world class scat mistress.