Thursday, 17 January 2013

What a slave wrote about a scat play session with me

"Commander Sophie orders me to get on the floor and put my head in the toilet box. My head rests on a guillotine like frame to keep my head in the right place for what is to come. CS says she needs to piss first. I try to get in the right position to catch it in my mouth but it sprays all over my face. I manage to drink some of her piss. It tastes quite strong today. Perhaps it is her first pee of the day or she has not drunk much water. After CS has finished pissing she says she is ready to shit. She moves her arse in position over my mouth and I move my head as close as possible. There now follow a few seconds of excitement and trepidation at what is to come. I can see and hear CS's arse stretching open and then the first load is quickly deposited in my mouth - a direct hit! At first the smell and taste is a bit overwhelming but my mouth and nose soon accept it and this is just as well as another load arrives soon after - another direct hit! By this time my mouth is quite full and I'm cherishing this gift from above. Then CS says there is more to come. This time there is no more room left in my mouth so it just lands on top and some falls off. CS is aware of this so collects the surplus from the bottom of the toilet box and forces it into my mouth with her hand so my cheeks are now bulging with CS's present to me. CS then leaves me to savour the taste and smell for a few minutes while she gets her camera to take a photographic record of her good work. Eventually CS says I can empty my mouth. This comes as both a relief and disappointment. Relief as my mouth was beginning to ache from holding so much but disappointment at having to release her kind gift to me."