Wednesday, 4 December 2013

a note about your past mistress

You had a great relationship with a mistress for a couple of years. She retired. Now you are looking for someone who looks similar to her and asking her to wear this boots and this pants and talk this words and do this games. And you seem perplexed when I tell you, I can't do this. Let me try to explain with a couple of examples. A mistress -client relationship is a unique thing and each one is different, so whatever I compare it to, it won't really work, but let my try.

1)When you met your wife, she was wearing a red dress, Prada heels and tiny diamond earrings. You had a great marriage, but after 10 years she died. 5 years later, you meet another women and ask her on the second date to put on the red dress and the heels and the diamonds. Ouch!

2) You were a regular in the Indian restaurant across the street. The food was adorable. Among the years, you became friends with the chef and one day you told him a secret: that you liked to eat spaghetti and drink a cappuccino with it. He laughed, and from that moment on, you could order it whenever you came in. And you got a free desert. The whole staff got caught by the immigration police and a new chef and crew arrived. You knew that but you still ordered spaghetti and cappuccino and were expecting your free desert. The French chef was furious and he wouldn't serve it.

What I am trying to say is, that a sub - mistress dynamic is something that grows. It is like an artwork that we create together. I have fetishes like giving pain, military fetish, water-boarding and scat that turn me on no matter with whom I do them. I have others, like role play, that only work for me if you participate. Or if I put you into complete restraint and you feel like “yeah whatever” only works for me if it makes you feel bad. Maybe you function in a similar way. Maybe you have fixed fetishes, that work with most mistresses and you have others that only worked with the one mistress. Instead of trying to find a mistress to replace her, just let go. Allow the new mistress to do what she likes and she will take you on a journey to places you have never been before. And you will be surprised to hear this, but even though I have had so many sessions, something new can come up- it just shows up out of nowhere. It feels different with every client. Even though you don't have much to say, you are part of it and I can do it in this particular way only with you.

A note about the plus- services. You come in and tell me, your past mistress would take you to clubs for free and play all night long, she would bring in other friends who use you for free. And you say that to me in a way, that means, I want this from you as well. And I have never seen you before. YOU HAVE TO EARN THE PLUS SERVICES, as they are treats for REGULARS.
And you tell me, she let you lick her pussy for free, she provided the cocaine, she called you every hour, she has put a sharp knife up your ass..well, maybe that is why she retired?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The orthopaedic physician

I am wearing a long tight gown made of white latex. My hair is pinned up, my legs in white tights, my feet in white heels.
I open the door a crack and say “Mr. Bennet, please”. A tall man, moving his body with difficulty entered. “Please take a seat” I said. While he was telling me his long medical history I was taking note so on my Computer. He brought some x-rays which I looked at shaking my head.
“It looks like, your scoliosis is getting worse and worse” I said.
“Is there no hope?” he asked with a breathy voice.
“Hm. You have tried Metasidunt and Fleaxan. That's all we have really.”
“Please”, he said seriously “I can't stand the pain. I will try anything, and I mean literally anything.” I started walking through the room ”I do have some ideas. But they are painful I'm afraid.”
His eyes sparkled.
I watched him undress with major difficulty. It took a long time and a red stripe was left where his jeans were cutting his flesh. He could not turn around on the massage table, so I gave him a hand. “Ouch!” he exclaimed. I smiled sadistically.
“Sorry, we are doing this my way now”
After a traditional rub, I take off my heels and walk over his back, hands, butt and thighs.
“Why does that have to hurt so much?” he asked with tears in his eyes.
“I'm relieving the tension from your muscles. Because you did not stretch as the doctors told you to, now you have to pay for it.”
“I will, Ms. Doctor.”
“And you have some tension in your face as well, especially around your mouth, that is why I have to step on it.”
I pressed on pressure points with my finger tips, leaning the weight of my body on my strong fingers. He was in serious pain. I especially liked working on his huge butt.
“Now we will do some variation of acupuncture. I achieve much better results with bigger needles.” I say and pierce his back and arms with some needles.
He started screaming “Whyyyyy?” while I connected the needles with strings.
“Because I want to release your trapped energy into flow.”
“No, you don't. I don't believe you.” he said with tears of broken pride running down his face. “Well” I said, ”I am not doing it the traditional Chinese way of course. My theory is that you heal when I have fun using your body.”
“When what??” He tried to get up but I was holding the string connected to his needles and I pulled it. Blood started running. I was laughing, enjoying myself. He whimpered, totally devastated and thought:
“Oh my God, where am I? She is a total sadist, what have I got myself into, what is she going to do to me, sweet Jesus?”
“You are very quick” I said cynically. And released the tension on the string. I had some more fun. I slowly poured big droopy pools of wax on to his body around the needles.
He said:” You are hard, but you are also very beautiful and intriguing. It is weird, I feel scared but very turned on at the same time.”
I replied: “I am not surprised.”
Eventually I take the needles out. One by one. Very slowly. A well of pleasure rises up through my cunt when I hear him groining. I start flogging the wax off. Quite painful on sore skin. I thought, caning was necessary as well. His body is shivering, his hands are ice-cold. I motivate him a bit: “You are on adrenalin. But think about the dopamine rush after that. How happy you are going to be. You have been such a good boy so far, but you can do better.” I turn him around on his back and discover that he has a hard on. I decide to do something about it and put some needles in the shaft. He is not screaming any more. He actually is not saying a single word. His eyes are looking into the far, far away. And his mind, his soul- are they still in this room? I could move his body like a puppy. This is a moment where I am fully concentrated and watch his breathing and his eyes like an eagle. I know that I cannot leave him in that space too long. After a minute I crushed his balls gently with my bare feet. Just a little bit of pain to bring him down. His dick started rising. I took out some needles and he went soft again. His eyes could focus by now. I make him sit up and take out the rest. He looks tired, but different, his eyes are bigger and sharper as if he gained will, ambition, courage. I told him to stand in front of the mirror and to look at himself.

I ordered him to wank while I recorded him with my camera. I moved around him and said things like “Look at this fat man, look at this looser. How pathetic he is, how he can't keep his head up, how he cannot look anyone in the eye” I move the camera closer and film a close-up of his little cock which produces an incredible amount of sperm while he pants and screams “Oh, oh my God!..Fuck! Hell! Thank you,”

And a happy client left.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

What a slave wrote about a scat play session with me

"Commander Sophie orders me to get on the floor and put my head in the toilet box. My head rests on a guillotine like frame to keep my head in the right place for what is to come. CS says she needs to piss first. I try to get in the right position to catch it in my mouth but it sprays all over my face. I manage to drink some of her piss. It tastes quite strong today. Perhaps it is her first pee of the day or she has not drunk much water. After CS has finished pissing she says she is ready to shit. She moves her arse in position over my mouth and I move my head as close as possible. There now follow a few seconds of excitement and trepidation at what is to come. I can see and hear CS's arse stretching open and then the first load is quickly deposited in my mouth - a direct hit! At first the smell and taste is a bit overwhelming but my mouth and nose soon accept it and this is just as well as another load arrives soon after - another direct hit! By this time my mouth is quite full and I'm cherishing this gift from above. Then CS says there is more to come. This time there is no more room left in my mouth so it just lands on top and some falls off. CS is aware of this so collects the surplus from the bottom of the toilet box and forces it into my mouth with her hand so my cheeks are now bulging with CS's present to me. CS then leaves me to savour the taste and smell for a few minutes while she gets her camera to take a photographic record of her good work. Eventually CS says I can empty my mouth. This comes as both a relief and disappointment. Relief as my mouth was beginning to ache from holding so much but disappointment at having to release her kind gift to me."