Friday, 31 August 2012

Diary of a Cat- The Human and the Animal

The human calls my name and wants me to come. Can't you see that I am busy? I am lying on my back and rolling from side to side. Ahhh..that is so nice. Stretching my legs..yawning. Let's see what human is doing. Still calling me. I sit and look him straight into the eyes for a while. Why on earth should I come towards him? Let's have a little walk through the other room.
Oh, I like that sound. He asks me to play catching with the feathers. They smell so nicely. I stand on my legs and catch them with my paws. Rrrah! He is smiling. What's funny about that? Rrrah! He screams and get's angry. I quickly hide under the bed. He is sucking his finger. I sit here for a while. A shadow is passing by. Something is here! I follow the mouse on my paws, wait for a long time until it feels secure again. But suddenly I jump. Ha! Got it! My claw is firmly in his tail. He tries to run. O.K. I will give him a bit of that. No, no, don't escape. My paws sink down in his flesh. He is squeaking. Let's see how far you can get now. Well you can still walk. But I am really hungry so I sink my teeth in his flesh, he is struggling, but my jaws are 'merciless' and I swallow his warm flesh bit by bit. That was delicious. It's hard to get all that stuff out of my teeth. Licking time, get my fur in perfect shape. And..what is human doing? Oh, reading. Now this is my favorite part of the day. I place myself right on his magazine. His eyes first get narrow and dark, his lips are pressed together. But when I look at him innocently and incline my head to the side, he can't resist and talks in a sweet voice. Then, he crawls me behind my ears and I close my eyes half and purr. Although human is quite stupid and does a lot of ridiculous things, I do love him too.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Pain and Meditation

Slave s. and me entered the middle of the suspension frame. I ordered slave s. to lay on his back on the floor. He had to cross his legs like in meditation. I wrapped the rope around them, rope besides rope without any space in between. In the end it looked like a big triangle. I took a chair and laid it on the floor, so that I could roll slave s. onto it. I lifted up the chair. Now I made a corset with the rope, but I left the upper body free. His arms were also wrapped in meditation position. "How is that?", I asked. "It feels like having your body in a cast.", he said. I attached many, many ropes from his body to the suspension frame. I removed the chair. Here he was, 'flying' in meditation pose. I saw his eyes lighten up with joy. That must be quite a bit of pressure, but evenly spread. I placed clamps on his nipples and on his back on both sides along the spine. I placed a ring around his cock and another around his balls and connected them to the electricity device. That must have been a bit of pain. I took a black dildo and pushed it up his ass. "Now remember, " I said, "when I push the dildo up you breathe in from there up your spine until you come out over your head. Then, you can breathe out, spreading it in all directions. After that, I will push it in again and you start the breathing cycle and so on." We repeated this for 20 Minutes- an eternity if you are in pain. Then, I saw his eyes moving rapidly and his lids closing. He groaned, no, he screamed while he came. I pushed the chair under again and removed the clamps and the e-stim rings. Very slowly I untied him, enjoying the heavyness of his relaxed body. Later he told me, he saw light coming up his spine. It was clearing and widening. When he came, he saw white light coming out over his head. Dazzling bright light that spread its rays into every corner of the room. It was a total bliss for him, a silent explosion. He is still smiling.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

the welcome gift- a phantasy

It was raining as if it came from a spray bottle. Mack had dark rings under his eyes. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" was all he could say. The music was chilled, one person dancing, a couple at the bar. His club "The dark olympics" made no cash. I was not used to the vodka, and I did not listen anymore. I complained about one of my slaves- his eyes! They were simply not obedient. "Teach him a real lesson", Mack said.
When I woke up the next morning I remembered to have said: "Deal!"

The next weekend there was a queue in front of "The dark olympics". Marissa took the entrance fee and gave them a stamp with a number. Then there was me, handing them the 'welcome gift'. A condom for men and a strap-on for women. Right beside the desk there was my slave, lying on his back, legs in the air. I tied him up so that he was not even able to move his little finger but with his crucial parts accesible. "You may use him, if you wish", I told them. People were still complaining about the tube, answering the phone, asking for the wardrobe and at the same time fucking my slave. They fucked him one after the other. It took a long time but later that evening I saw it in my slaves' eyes: obedience.

Commanders' little bitch

I wrapped slave w. entirely in cling film- as if he was a piece of meat. I ripped some holes for interesting parts of the body. I used leather straps to tie him to the bench. He was sweating that pig. I put all my weight on him. "I know it hurts, but I have to do this." I said with a smirk on my face. He could not defend himself. I made the plastic surface wet..and oh, that was cold for him as the cling film makes your skin very sensitive. I climbed on the bench and smothered his head from both sides with my muscular thighs. He could not hear a thing and had quite a pressure on his head. I pinched his nose so he could not breathe and with my latex hand closed his mouth. Breathing stopped. When he cramped, I lifted my hand instantly. His life is in my hands!
Then I put the bitch into the sling. To make him mine completely, I had to fuck his manpussy. And I also abused his mouth. What a dirty whore..

What a good toilet..

We met in the morning, memories from last nights orgy kept popping into my head. There is something deep inside of slave f. that has to be changed. We know that to learn something, words are not enough. Something has to be done to make him remember. After a series of  humiliations I showed him the toilet. It is a very useful construction where the slave puts his head under the seat. His neck is enclosed by two guillotine-like pieces of wood. I peed all over his face and made him swallow it. And there was a lot of pee. Then I relieved myself and shat in his mouth. That is the breakfast he deserved. His mouth was full, but I just felt more coming. So I had more fun watching him struggle. It is such a great feeling that all these precious products are appreciated and not wasted.

a kinky dream

where i normally find my clit, there was a bunch of them! they were in different states of developement, like some of them only a small raise in the skin. i looked into one of them and she two rows of small white teeth !